Whites, default racists?

We proudly celebrate 20 years of democracy that would entail twenty years of working towards a racist free country, where black, white, coloured and see through would not be a factor within modern-day society. The facts however looks slightly different, where a generation of born frees still somehow believe that justice is best served never-ending.... Continue Reading →

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What is beauty if not shared? — Young Persian Artists

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=551MekhS7as&feature=youtu.be What is beauty if not shared? What is art if not seen? What is humanity if left alone? It is an absolute privilege for me to be able to share art from Iran. This time through a solo show of works covering the short but potent career of Romisa Sakaki. Please join me at... Continue Reading →

Young and innocent, the world at her feet. Opportunity around her, with no worries or cares. A future of excitement, yet a joy of the present time with memories of the gracious past Enjoying the joy until a cloud of evil, a forced action only wanted by one, a cry of pain followed by his... Continue Reading →

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